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Laser Cut Parts

Prusa i3 Acrylic Frame ONLY

These acrylic frames are custom cut in our USA workshop. This is a complete frame kit build of a Reprap Prusa i3 rework 3D printer with some RepRapGuru modifications. The new design will easily allow the builder to connect their LCD wires through the side of one of the pieces without having to take apart the wire connector end. we...

Arduino Uno R3 Acrylic Case

UNO R3 acrylic protective case *Case Only* This product is a protective case for arduino UNO R3 compatible boards, fastened by eight screws. It is made with 1/4" high grade acrylic, which provides excellent protection, with a stylish appearance. This is a unique design from RepRap Guru it includes header pin cutouts and a reset button hole, which provides easy...