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Hot End Accessories

Extruder Nozzle Tip

M6 Thread Pitch This is a replacement nozzle tip for your 3D printer with the standard 0.4 mm opening. You will not normally have to replace your nozzle tip if you clean and maintain it regularly. However, if cleaning the nozzle does not work, replacing it is the next best thing. Features Size: 13 x 6mm (0.51 x 0.24in.) Screw...

3D Printer Hot End Assembly with Block, Nozzle, Heater, Throat, & Thermistor

3D Printer Hot End Assembly includes a heater block, heater cartridge, nozzle with an M6 throat, and Thermistor. Features: Heater: 12v 40w Nozzle throat: M6 Resistance value at 25°C: 100k Nozzle size: 0.4mm Screws: Set Allen Key

Threaded M6 tube with PTFE/Teflon core for 1.75mm

Our Threaded M6 tube has a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE/Teflon) core to reduce friction, wear, and energy use of machinery. It is designed for use with 1.75mm filament. It needs replacement occasionally due to wear.

12v 40mm Cooling Fan

12V Cooling Fan is the perfect tool for controlling the later temperature of thermoplastic materials. This is especially important when printing small objects at high printing speeds. The fan cools each layer as it is laid down enough to support the next layer. Features Size: 40 x 40 x 10mm Voltage:12V Bearing: Sleeve/Dual-ball Airflow: 5.5 to 10.3CFM Speed: 5000 to...

High Stability NTC Thermistor 100K with wire

Features: Glass encapsulated with crimped brass cap Small size: φ1.25mm×2.0mm High resistance accuracy: 1% Wide temp. range: −40°C to 270°C 100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant Includes: One (1) thermistor w/ wire measuring 1 meter in length with connector for ramps 1.4  

Ceramic Cartridge Heater Cartridge 1M Length

Standard 40W Heater Cartridge 40W cartridge heater excellent is ideal for quickly heating your 3D printer hot-end to the desired temperature. Features Voltage: 12 Power rating: 40W Heater dimensions: 20 x 6mm Wire length: 1M

40mm Fan Heat Sink

40mm extruder fan heat sink

Spring Loaded Injection Molded MK8/9 Drive Block

Includes: Assembled, molded drive block w/ spring MK8 Drive Gear Our Spring Loaded Injection Molded MK9 makes it easy to remove filament. It can replace the MK7 injection molded component on our earlier extruders. Features 623V Grooved Bearing Brass MK8/9 Drive Gear